Run from your comfort zone!

Get out of your comfort zone!

I’ve been hearing statements like these for a while now in conferences and on some occasions, even tell my clients of the “benefits” of staying out of their comfort zone.

The message is undoubtedly inspiring, motivating us to strive toward to state of eternal change and flee from the inevitable monotony that pervades our day-to-day routines.

It would appear – and we believe it to be so – that this attitude of “one step in front other” with barely time to take a breath makes us stronger and impervious to the uncertainty and urgency that prevail in most professional ambits.

More than anything else, my job entails “listening” to high-performance executives and athletes. I love learning from them: beyond the differences in their respective fields, they share common resources, aspirations and an ongoing search for excellence that make them more alike than different.

These top performers are continually forced out of their comfort zones, yet in the privacy of our sessions, they often express anguish and anxiety as a result of this cycle of “non-stop action.”  

The dictionary defines “comfort” as something that generates “well-being”, solace and support. We could engage in an endless debate to define -or better yet, self-define- these two concepts.

But going back to the topic on hand: on one hand, we recognize and accept uncertainty, instability and urgency as circumstances beyond our control -they don’t depend on us-. What’s more, these concepts are institutionalized in any global organization today.

And on the other hand, we inadvertently tell ourselves –or convince ourselves with the best intentions– of the need to distance ourselves from whatever brings us professional well-being, solace and support.

Time goes by and we remain stuck in this contradiction, on an eternal quest for something that we never even bothered to define.

Maybe the time has arrived!… I’ll leave you with two questions:

  • Out of all my responsibilities, what about my job do I enjoy most?
  • What do I want to do something that depends on me in order to sustain it or maybe even enhance it?

Once you’ve answered these two questions, don’t be afraid and reflect again on this leap you want to take.

But this time…, Do it with a little more comfort!