When the day closes, we all want the same thing: make our way home and feel good.

I’m extremely lucky in my work: I have the privilege of listening to a lot of people like you (executives and athletes). And every single one of them seeks a common goal: they want to feel good and above all, be happy!

Each one of us is happy in our own way and what constitutes our happiness is always unique. In my work with clients, they describe moments in which they find what they are looking for. It’s a step-by-step process that brings them closer to something that won’t last forever…but which is always worth searching for!

And what are their insights? What’s their secret?


These are the three concepts that they all have in common.

No matter one’s corporate role or athletic level, from the “highest” to the “lowest”, only those that clearly understand and effectively align these three concepts truly enjoy what they do.

I don’t believe in formulas or recipes for happiness, but I do believe in these three factors as key ingredients:

  • Mission: your contribution and motivating forces.
  • Passion: your “flow” in what you do.
  • Natural Talents: your inborn talent, that which you do exceptionally well. It doesn’t matter how large or small your talent is – the important thing is that it’s yours! It’s something you do well without even realizing it.

Do you know what your mission, passion and natural talents are?

When you find the answer within yourself…, they’ll be yours to enjoy!