If we look for the ultimate training paradigm, high-performance athletes practice a lot!

When athletes do mental training, they’re adding a specialized element to their normal routine. They generally train their technique, tactics and physique, but now they also train their minds. As a near-silent operation, it’s less visible than the rest, yet just as important.

As the days go by, this invisible training slowly starts to manifest. It winds through various stages, from reflection to action, and always stays attuned to emotions!

In an executive coaching process, managers also do invisible training. In addition to their countless day-to-day responsibilities, they also center on a unique objective. A specific, self-selected improvement is the focus of executive coaching sessions.

It’s key to take advantage of professional situations that enable us to improve our core focus by following three vital steps:

  1. Define your area of improvement
  2. Plan concrete -daily- actions aligned with this improvement and put them into action
  3. Take time out to reflect on your progress

You’ll benefit from the tremendous advantage of greater awareness. The special sensitivity that you once lacked will come to the forefront thanks to your invisible training.

Just like elite athletes, this near-silent training requires executives to reflect, take concrete actions, repeat training routines and recognize the emotions at play.

In sports and in life…, you have to train in order to win!

What is your invisible training?