Personally, Iceland and Argentina are very close to me. Professionally, with their two recent sporting feats, they gave me a lesson in what a real Teamwork is.

  • In the last FIFA World Cup 2018, a soccer world tournament, the Nordic Team has achieved what many believed to be a “surprising” classification. Yes, with only 100 professional soccer players available to form a team, it went down in history for being the country with the lowest population -320,000 inhabitants- to be able to participate in prestigious world cup. (Click here: information on soccer in Iceland)
  • In the last FIBA World Cup 2019, a basketball world competition, the Argentine Team, against all odds, reached the finals with a new generation of players led by a tireless 39-year-old veteran (Click here: words from the captain), leaving powerful teams behind. The rest of the team that reached the final rounds had numerous NBA players in their ranks but Argentine, on the other hand, reached the finals without any player participating in the most powerful league in the world.

I will not be the one to give you lessons or insights to achieve extraordinary results with your teams, but I can summarize and transcribe some comments from high performing team players:

“We may not be the most talented, but we are a team …”

“When we face such important challenge, we all feel part of something big …”

“Success is preparing and emptying yourself, leaving everything for what you pursue …”

“When you know and accept your weaknesses, you have to overcome them by fully exploiting all your strengths …”

“Dream a lot about what you are looking for, but wake up and work hard to get it …”

“When your leader believes in something and you see that your teammates believe on it too, there isn’t much else: YOU BELIEVE …”


Some of them are Soccer players while others are Basketball players.

Some from the North while others are from the South.

Some with Viking heritage while others with Gaucho legacy.

But something resembles in them, which make them exactly the same beyond many differences:


If you are leader or a member of a team, whether you are from the North or from the South; in Sports or in Corporate world; I encourage you to make all of these messages yours.

When you go forward, go as part of a TEAM with shared VALUES. Most importantly, go with the conviction of TRANSCENDING… You will WIN for sure regardless the result!

(Click here: words from the coach)

You can tell me that Iceland was eliminated in the first round.

You can say that Argentina lost in its finals.

You can claim nobody remembers the second.

… But I will always answer you by saying: