“More than 90 percent of our FEARS never become a reality. Even so it still affects us and makes us suffer…”

In a conversation with a client in one of our executive coaching sessions, during these past days that have been reflected of so much confusion and anguish, he gave me an interesting reflection against the famous statement above, that I want to share with you today and that triggered me writing this new post:

“…What happens when that terrible fear that I have isn’t no longer an imagination, when I already have it right in front of me in reality? Today I feel like I have a big FEAR inside of me, and it’s very real…”

 For the good and bad things, our emotions don’t distinguish between fantasy or reality.  This talented and brave executive continued with his narrative:

“…In the face of this extreme and very critical situation that my Organization, my Team and Myself are experiencing, we are already feeling and suffering from it:

Yes, It is happening for real…

Yes, It is something new and complicated…

Yes, It is changing our present…

Yes, It will definitely affect our future…”

In each of these affirmations that he mentioned, he was simultaneously manifesting an important step on how to undertake and face any difficulty in life: ACCEPTANCE.

Far away from being an acceptance of giving up, it means a window that we need to open to look for OPPORTUNITIES to get away from this real fear that today challenges all of us.

From this first step to take, and now together with your team, it will be up to all of you to reinforce this difficult and challenging professional present with:





A few months back, and even though everything had been going well in his Organization and Team, this same executive had been questioning his “lack of time and discipline” to be able to step back, to identify and define with his collaborators their team VALUES:

“…We may now have the time, each of us from our home, in different corner of the world, but UNITED. Maybe it’s the time to redefine and even REINVENT ourselves as a team supported by each of those four words that we will have to agree on, define and transform to our next  ACTIONS… ”

What can we DO to make each and every one of these words make sense? – As Individuals and as a Team-

Personally and under these circumstances, I don’t think that today is about whether or not it’s the moment to be Working from home vs. Working in the office. As if it was an election. No, today working from home is currently an obligation for most of us -we don’t have a say on that-. And on top of it, under exceptional circumstances, nothing like what it had been until now.

Given this, perhaps for many of us, the time has come to participate proactively in this new PARADIGM that is already changing and inviting us to be part …, or  to be left behind!

  • Maybe it’s the time to promote efforts towards new and CREATIVE directions.
  • Maybe it’s the time for those, always postponed, BRAINSTORMING moments.
  • Maybe it’s the time to TALK about what we usually don’t like to talk about.
  • Maybe it’s the time to LISTEN and talk with the people that we usually ignore.
  • Maybe it’s the time to EXPERIENCE what we didn’t dare to do.
  • Maybe

What I have no doubt about is that today the moment has come to be much more united and collaborative. From the paradox of the DISTANCE to which a virus forces us to seclude ourselves…,

It’s time to be CLOSER than ever!