Something that a senior executive of a large organization shared with me a few years ago still resonates with me:

“…I have three internal candidates, to choose from, to promote to a key position in the company. Each one is excellent in his/her department, and all have great skills for this job. I know that each one of them will do a great job. I have to make the decision of whom to pick.  If any of them would have expressed an interest to me for this role in the past, today the position would be his/her… “

Almost a year later, I was appointed as an executive coach in that same organization for one of those three candidates.

He had NOT been “the chosen one”, and although he remained committed, that past decision had frustrated and disappointed him. Conversing with him during one of our sessions, his dialogue was aligned with what I see repeatedly  within large corporations:

“…In the end, in a large multinational like this one, all the paths have already been traced. You move forward and depending on your performance, you know what destination they can propose you…”

Given this comment, those resounding words from the beginning of this post came to my head. So I took the opportunity to ask him the following question: -that I encourage you to ask yourself-

Who, besides yourself knows what really EXCITES and aspires you within your organization?

There are some words that, depending on your personality and professional profile, can impact you very differently. It can go from liking it a lot to generating great resistance: PERSONAL BRAND, VISIBILITY, NETWORKING,

Each one of them with more or less acceptance on your side are, currently, indisputable Strategic Competencies (Personals) that you will have to attend…, a lot!

In this new hybrid reality that is here to stay, these concepts become increasingly relevant and offer us new challenges. Perhaps it is a good time for you to reconcile with them or, at least consider them for what they are, key Management Competencies for your professional development.

There is much talk – and rightly so – of the importance of Self-Knowledge for the growth of any manager. But I encourage you, as you advance in that self-knowledge, to take another step towards your “Personal Brand” and answer the following questions:

  • Do you take care of your REPUTATION in your organization?
  • Do you think that what YOU ARE and DO in your day to day is aligned with what others see / know about you?
  • What, of all that I already AM at work, would I especially like to show-share with others?
  • With WHO would it be beneficial to share it at this point in my development?
  • Do you have any hidden STRENGTHS that now would be an opportunity to deploy?

Some excellent managers with whom I have worked with, who implementing their greater Visibility and Personal Brand, discovered the benefits of confronting and resigning beliefs-concepts-words which they used to speak to themselves about these issues. I summarize some of the main ones:

Sell myself out Vs. Show, Give and Share

Put a pressure Vs. Know how to ask

Show off  Vs. Celebrate achievements and successes

Arrogance Vs. Self-Confidence

I encourage you to also reflect from which column you usually talk to yourself. And I challenge you to continue extending this list by re-defining any other word or false belief with which you tend to sabotage your own Visibility and Networking.

Stephen Covey anticipated this more than 30 years ago with his BE-DO-GET paradigm. Today, in that same order, for your day to day:

BE… And Let it SHOW!

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