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BE… And Let it SHOW!

Something that a senior executive of a large organization shared with me a few years ago still resonates with me: “…I have three internal candidates, to choose from, to promote to a key position in the company. Each one is excellent in his/her department, and all have great skills for this job. I know that each […]


Stop saying Maybe… When you want to say NO!

In our first coaching session together, she begins: “…Another weekend overwhelmed with taking care of other coworkers´ work…” “…If someone invites me I am willing, even if I prefer not to go…” “…When no one accepts that boring part of the project, I am always the first to raise my hand…” After listing these professional […]

Michael Jordan and your cold coffee… FLOW!

Michael Jordan, after hitting yet another basket in a streak of impossible shots -while making it look easy against elite defenders– turns and opens his arms in a gesture of disbelief, as if he’s unable to explain this incredible feat. You have likely seen this image. Yes… that’s flow! You are sitting in front of […]


FOCUS…, On what depends on you!

A common consultation in sports psychology, and also in my work with executives, is the “improvement of concentration.” What is concentration? A simple definition tells us that it is the ATTENTION sustained over time. A few years ago, I had a case that I want to share today. A talented young high-performing athlete when faced […]

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Transcend to win?… Teamwork!

Personally, Iceland and Argentina are very close to me. Professionally, with their two recent sporting feats, they gave me a lesson in what a real Teamwork is. In the last FIFA World Cup 2018, a soccer world tournament, the Nordic Team has achieved what many believed to be a “surprising” classification. Yes, with only 100 […]


If it’s Always Someone Else’s Fault… Watch out! You’re a Victim!

For a while now, I’ve been working with executives from a well-known multinational that decided to foster accountability among its employees. I love working with companies that dare to explicitly formulate and communicate their corporate values and ensure that they’re put into practice. It’s key for corporate long-term success! Accountability is often associated with the […]