FEARS?… Attack them with their worst enemy: YOUR CONFIDENCE!

FEAR of failure, of losing, of not achieving the objective, of what others will say…, is always present in all of us. And although we live with them, we find it hard to recognize them. We look the other way…, and don’t talk about it! You have probably found yourself complaining about things such as: “I […]

Michael Jordan and your cold coffee… FLOW!

Michael Jordan, after hitting yet another basket in a streak of impossible shots -while making it look easy against elite defenders– turns and opens his arms in a gesture of disbelief, as if he’s unable to explain this incredible feat. You have likely seen this image. Yes… that’s flow! You are sitting in front of […]

Time Management?… Start with your Energy!

“We cannot create time – there are only 24hrs / 7-, but we can create ENERGY for our day to day.” This principle has made a radical change in the way thousands of managers have begun to rethink how to cope with their Sustained High Performance like any elite athletes would do: It’s no longer […]

FOCUS…, On what depends on you!

A common consultation in sports psychology, and also in my work with executives, is the “improvement of concentration.” What is concentration? A simple definition tells us that it is the ATTENTION sustained over time. A few years ago, I had a case that I want to share today. A talented young high-performing athlete when faced […]

Transcend to win?… Teamwork!

Personally, Iceland and Argentina are very close to me. Professionally, with their two recent sporting feats, they gave me a lesson in what a real Teamwork is. In the last FIFA World Cup 2018, a soccer world tournament, the Nordic Team has achieved what many believed to be a “surprising” classification. Yes, with only 100 […]

Do you Visualize? All Things are Created Twice… Starting in Your Mind!

As Stephen Covey observed, “All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.” Using Covey’s classic management tenet as a base, I’ve always associated his statement with a core technique: VISUALIZATION. This method, a paradigm in sports psychology, is also a fantastic resource that […]

If it’s Always Someone Else’s Fault… Watch out! You’re a Victim!

For a while now, I’ve been working with executives from a well-known multinational that decided to foster accountability among its employees. I love working with companies that dare to explicitly formulate and communicate their corporate values and ensure that they’re put into practice. It’s key for corporate long-term success! Accountability is often associated with the […]

Invisible Training: In Order to Win… You Have to Train!

If we look for the ultimate training paradigm, high-performance athletes practice a lot! When athletes do mental training, they’re adding a specialized element to their normal routine. They generally train their technique, tactics and physique, but now they also train their minds. As a near-silent operation, it’s less visible than the rest, yet just as […]

Mission, Passion and Natural Talents: They’re Yours to Enjoy!

When the day closes, we all want the same thing: make our way home and feel good. I’m extremely lucky in my work: I have the privilege of listening to a lot of people like you (executives and athletes). And every single one of them seeks a common goal: they want to feel good and […]

Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Be Happy?… You Choose!

Disappointed, misunderstood, dejected and a step away from throwing in the towel. That’s how one of my executive clients felt following the latest decisions announced at her company. She was in total disagreement with these decisions and the criteria behind them. She was only able to see worst-case scenarios for her and the organization. “They’re […]