Mission, Passion and Natural Talents: They’re Yours to Enjoy!

When the day closes, we all want the same thing: make our way home and feel good. I’m extremely lucky in my work: I have the privilege of listening to a lot of people like you (executives and athletes). And every single one of them seeks a common goal: they want to feel good and […]

Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Be Happy?… You Choose!

Disappointed, misunderstood, dejected and a step away from throwing in the towel. That’s how one of my executive clients felt following the latest decisions announced at her company. She was in total disagreement with these decisions and the criteria behind them. She was only able to see worst-case scenarios for her and the organization. “They’re […]

Put Your Values to Work… Values in Action!

The classic Management by Objectives model has evolved into Management by Mission. Although we lead and manage people with individual objectives, we always complement these with shared objectives informed by a team mission. There’s a tendency in organizations to show off their mission and values. All it takes is a quick double-click on 99% of […]

What Went Well?

Team meetings are famous for that classic round of “problems of the week” to find out what went wrong. There’s a clear objective behind this exercise: to learn from our mistakes and pinpoint root causes so we can rectify the situation in a timely manner. While gathering this information is important, we need to consider […]

Do You Command or Inquire?

Executives and athletic coaches are alike in a lot of ways, but the most outstanding common trait they share is their ability to LEAD. There are a variety of different leadership approaches and countless situations and contexts that reinforce the need for a broad range of leadership styles. In my role, I coach and help […]

Tell Me… What Are You Really Good At?

Both executives and athletes dedicate their time doing things to reach their highest level of performance. The key word that drives them is ACTION. I’d like to invite you to TAKE A BREAK right now. That’s right, step back for a minute to REFLECT. What do you think any top striker on any soccer team […]

Welcome to Your Comfort Zone!

Run from your comfort zone! Get out of your comfort zone! I’ve been hearing statements like these for a while now in conferences and on some occasions, even tell my clients of the “benefits” of staying out of their comfort zone. The message is undoubtedly inspiring, motivating us to strive toward to state of eternal […]