BE… And Let it SHOW!

Something that a senior executive of a large organization shared with me a few years ago still resonates with me: “…I have three internal candidates, to choose from, to promote to a key position in the company. Each one is excellent in his/her department, and all have great skills for this job. I know that each […]

Stop saying Maybe… When you want to say NO!

In our first coaching session together, she begins: “…Another weekend overwhelmed with taking care of other coworkers´ work…” “…If someone invites me I am willing, even if I prefer not to go…” “…When no one accepts that boring part of the project, I am always the first to raise my hand…” After listing these professional […]

FEARS?… Attack them with their worst enemy: YOUR CONFIDENCE!

FEAR of failure, of losing, of not achieving the objective, of what others will say…, is always present in all of us. And although we live with them, we find it hard to recognize them. We look the other way…, and don’t talk about it! You have probably found yourself complaining about things such as: “I […]

Virus, Fear, Crisis, Home-office!… From an obligation to an OPPORTUNITY

“More than 90 percent of our FEARS never become a reality. Even so it still affects us and makes us suffer…” In a conversation with a client in one of our executive coaching sessions, during these past days that have been reflected of so much confusion and anguish, he gave me an interesting reflection against the famous […]

Time Management?… Start with your Energy!

“We cannot create time – there are only 24hrs / 7-, but we can create ENERGY for our day to day.” This principle has made a radical change in the way thousands of managers have begun to rethink how to cope with their Sustained High Performance like any elite athletes would do: It’s no longer […]

FOCUS…, On what depends on you!

A common consultation in sports psychology, and also in my work with executives, is the “improvement of concentration.” What is concentration? A simple definition tells us that it is the ATTENTION sustained over time. A few years ago, I had a case that I want to share today. A talented young high-performing athlete when faced […]

Transcend to win?… Teamwork!

Personally, Iceland and Argentina are very close to me. Professionally, with their two recent sporting feats, they gave me a lesson in what a real Teamwork is. In the last FIFA World Cup 2018, a soccer world tournament, the Nordic Team has achieved what many believed to be a “surprising” classification. Yes, with only 100 […]

If it’s Always Someone Else’s Fault… Watch out! You’re a Victim!

For a while now, I’ve been working with executives from a well-known multinational that decided to foster accountability among its employees. I love working with companies that dare to explicitly formulate and communicate their corporate values and ensure that they’re put into practice. It’s key for corporate long-term success! Accountability is often associated with the […]

Can Executives Show Vulnerability…?

Fortunately, the image of the “all-knowing, all-doing” boss is becoming increasingly questioned in leadership theory. Unfortunately, the reality in many organizations remains just that: just theory. In practice, many executives advance in their careers with an image of themselves that, over time, leads to negative repercussions on both individual and organizational levels. If you look […]

If You Leave Without Learning… History Will Repeat Itself!

My work with executives often starts off by listening to their common complaints. What do they complain about?: Their bosses Their colleagues Their collaborators Their job responsibilities… … These situations can become intolerable for them. One day, they get fed up and decide the moment has come for a change. They start looking for a […]