Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Be Happy?… You Choose!

Disappointed, misunderstood, dejected and a step away from throwing in the towel. That’s how one of my executive clients felt following the latest decisions announced at her company. She was in total disagreement with these decisions and the criteria behind them. She was only able to see worst-case scenarios for her and the organization. “They’re […]

Who Takes Care of the Leader?

In my sessions with coaches and executives, they often talk about what they love about working with their teams. They recall great moments when leadership suddenly merged into happiness. When the team needs them the most, they – leaders – always want to be a part of it, and in most cases, they are! But […]

Attitude is an Action Verb!

I worked with an executive a while back who had a very specific objective: “I want to improve my attitude!”… was the first thing he told me. People tend to talk a lot about attitude since we all question it and nearly always search for it. On this occasion, I asked him for his definition […]

Results-Orientated… and Enjoying the Journey!

What do business and sports have in common? Orientation on results = HAVING Sustained high performance  =  DOING Person = BEING They share many more similarities but I’ve chosen these three to reflect on the order in which they are typically discussed. One of the most sought-after competencies when recruiting both executives and elite athletes is […]

Welcome to Your Comfort Zone!

Run from your comfort zone! Get out of your comfort zone! I’ve been hearing statements like these for a while now in conferences and on some occasions, even tell my clients of the “benefits” of staying out of their comfort zone. The message is undoubtedly inspiring, motivating us to strive toward to state of eternal […]