Estíbalitz Ortiz González

PhD, Executive Director Coaching Unit, IESE Business School.

“Sebastián has been collaborating with IESE as an executive coach in our executive education programs since 2011. Over the years, he’s worked with executives from different countries and sectors, both in multinationals and SMEs. Sebastián works with IESE in two distinct capacities. First, in “express coaching” processes based on the results of an assessment. In this role, he helps participants implement an immediate action plan through microhabits.

And second, he collaborates in coaching processes centered on career transitions, understood as the need for participants to develop new competencies for their new professional context – for instance, adapting a new leadership styles or behavioral aspects – that enable them to quickly adapt to their new professional situation and add value to their organization. 

Sebastián’s style allows him to quickly build trust. At the same time, his approach is very deep and his work methods are based on real-life experiences and observation. His core competencies as a coach are his intuition and his ability to delve deep in a short amount of time while maintaining rigor throughout the process. The feedback from IESE participants is consistently positive.”